Big Trouble in Little Ranlla Trevo

Opening Crawl

In which Ben and Steve didn't have laptops

The story opens with the Padawans being sent on their first solo mission. Ranlla Trevo is a young colony which is currently undergoing terraforming and mineral exploitation.

Your master Laurien Strendya informs you that this will be one of your first trials on your road to knighthood.

The planet is extremely cold and prone to massive blizzards. All settlements exist in small domes located around the planet connected by rough roads and some rapid rail transit.

A space elevator has just been completed which is drasticly increased traffic to the planet. With the influx of new settlers and industry there has also been a marked increase in crime resulting in a series of accidents which are starting to look like sabotage.

The planet is largely run by corporate mining interests with the majority share going to Galactic Imperial Metals but there are several other players including Tecknical Mineral Exploitation and Riordian Tintita.

Galactic Imperial Metals has been the victim of all the accidents to date and believes them to be the work of one of the minor interest companies trying to cut in on their business.

Your master expects this to be a simple case of corrupt officials who will fold quickly under the intuition and keen investigative powers of a jedi.

You are to travel to Ranlla Trevo and rendezvous with the GIC head of security Sedura Tommo.



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