Big Trouble in Little Ranlla Trevo

Showdown 2: Electric Boogaloo


Our heroes received a distress call to visit a mine that had been overrun. They got to the scene and found that the offices had been ransacked and that the employees were missing. A distraught mine employee, hiding in his closet, informed the party that most of the employees had been taken underground.

Our heroes entered an elevator to go down into the shaft. They found that the underground workings of the mine had been overrun by armed guards, also, mynocks. A firefight ensued. Our heroes found their way deeper and deeper into the mine, where they encountered Jeor, a scientist, operating a bizarre machine. As soon as our heroes tried to ask Jeor what his proverbial “deal” was, he sicked a team of genetically enhanced wampas on them. Although the team fought valiantly, Oris and Barlo were rendered incapacitated and Roon was forced to surrender. The three characters were apprehended and things seemed their darkest…

The party regained consciousness and found themselves imprisoned by the Mistress of Frozen Solitude. The Mistress told the party about their plight… her, and her colonists, had attempted to make a new world on Ranlla Trevo. However, foreign companies had come in to strip mine the planet. The Mistress and her people want to coexist with the planet, and take umbrage to the fact that the foreign countries intend to reap the planet’s benefits and leave without remediating the impact to the environment. The Mistress was unable to get the Galatic Senate to recognize her colony because of interference from the mining companies and their lobbyists. This led her to using “more radical” methods to achieve her goals. Her stated goal was to have the party report their plight to the Coruscant Jedi Council.

The party tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to convince The Mistress to let them go. The Mistress gave them a tour of her facility, which was a terraformed society underneath a thick glacier. The colony sends shuttles to the surface of the planet on a regular basis, and The Mistress told the party that, if they were on their best behaviour, she would send them on the next shuttle in two days. The party was agitated because they were under armed guard, and also experienced interference to using The Force.

While the party was being toured around The Mistress’s facilities, they met a botanist named Sally who will certainly become more important as time goes on…



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