Roon Ka'Liss

Kel Dor jedi padawan


Primarily uses the Force in combat rather than relying on lightsabers.

STR: 8
DEX: 14
CON: 12
INT: 9
WIS: 16
CHA: 16

Force Focus (Core pg 101)
Elusive Target (Core pg 40)

Force Training X 2
Weapon Finesse (Lightsaber) – or Skill Focus (Use the Force)?


Roon grew up on the planet Dorin, where at a young age he was identified to be strong in the force. The elders of his village, members of the Baran Do Sages took Roon into training from an early age. With the Sages he learned how to use the Force.

Roon was slightly later than most to officially join the Jedi. He spent his earliest years learning with the Sages, and now takes that understanding with him in his training. He is deliberate, contemplative, and likes to consider his actions.

Roon Ka'Liss

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