Big Trouble in Little Ranlla Trevo

Showdown 2: Electric Boogaloo

Our heroes received a distress call to visit a mine that had been overrun. They got to the scene and found that the offices had been ransacked and that the employees were missing. A distraught mine employee, hiding in his closet, informed the party that most of the employees had been taken underground.

Our heroes entered an elevator to go down into the shaft. They found that the underground workings of the mine had been overrun by armed guards, also, mynocks. A firefight ensued. Our heroes found their way deeper and deeper into the mine, where they encountered Jeor, a scientist, operating a bizarre machine. As soon as our heroes tried to ask Jeor what his proverbial “deal” was, he sicked a team of genetically enhanced wampas on them. Although the team fought valiantly, Oris and Barlo were rendered incapacitated and Roon was forced to surrender. The three characters were apprehended and things seemed their darkest…

The party regained consciousness and found themselves imprisoned by the Mistress of Frozen Solitude. The Mistress told the party about their plight… her, and her colonists, had attempted to make a new world on Ranlla Trevo. However, foreign companies had come in to strip mine the planet. The Mistress and her people want to coexist with the planet, and take umbrage to the fact that the foreign countries intend to reap the planet’s benefits and leave without remediating the impact to the environment. The Mistress was unable to get the Galatic Senate to recognize her colony because of interference from the mining companies and their lobbyists. This led her to using “more radical” methods to achieve her goals. Her stated goal was to have the party report their plight to the Coruscant Jedi Council.

The party tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to convince The Mistress to let them go. The Mistress gave them a tour of her facility, which was a terraformed society underneath a thick glacier. The colony sends shuttles to the surface of the planet on a regular basis, and The Mistress told the party that, if they were on their best behaviour, she would send them on the next shuttle in two days. The party was agitated because they were under armed guard, and also experienced interference to using The Force.

While the party was being toured around The Mistress’s facilities, they met a botanist named Sally who will certainly become more important as time goes on…

The showdown

Our heroes valiantly fought off Bahar and his goons. Bodies were disposed of in the plant turbine. The jedis looted the armory and bodies and took the security footage before returning returned to the mess hall and recieving a call from Laureen. The blizzard has lifted at this point.

Laureen seemed very concerned however all concerns over the blizzard, explosions, and mutants were assuaged by our heroes cool and collected responses. Laureen promised to send the Jedis some supplies and wished them good luck on their ongoing investigation.

Episode 2
In which the jedi get paranoid

Were debriefed by Bahar. Told that they would set a trap using the access codes.

Dave gave them a copy of the datapad and was worried that Bahar would be violent if he found out they had it.

A live hack attempt was made by a replica droid version of the axe maniac with a pet genetically altered massiff.

PCs won the fight but didn’t get any more information because the electronics fried.

Found out that the Massiff was genetically modified.

Dave became very concerned that Bahar would be violent and suggested preparatory action in case it came to an armed conflict. Gave the PCs a disk to reprogram the repair droids in the plant to fight on their side. Suggested disabling the heavy weapons, speaking to members of the guards, and programming the medical droid to come to their aid.

PCs told Bahar that Dave knew about the environmental report.

PCs disabled the rocket launcher and heavy gun but did not follow through on any of Dave’s other recommendations.

PCs took Dave out in a rover to try and find the radio signal. Followed it out into the waste and then back to the geothermal plant.

Fought with another replica of the axe maniac while disabling his attempts to blow up the plant by causing a malfunction.

Were confronted by Bahar and accused of sabotage. Bahar killed David after accusing him of being in cahoots with the PCs.

Episode 1
Apparently the trouble is very big indeed

The young Jedi padawans, tasked with the mission to investigate sabotage on Ranlla Trevo, headed to the desolate planet. They met with a bespectacled man by the name of Shar Hedro, who took them to meet with the head of the GIM, Sedura Tommo.

Tommo briefed the padawans about the sabotage, and her suspicions about the rival mining company. She tasked them with investigating an encrypted radio signal believed to be related to the attacks. Her first suggestion was to go to her rival’s geothermal plant to investigate.

The party went in a surface rover with Shar to travel to the facility. A fierce blizzard raged on, making travel difficult. On the second day of the journey, mysterious beasts of the snow overturned the rover, attacking the party and Shar.

Dashing out into the furious blizzard, the party launched an all out assault on two strange beasts of claw and tooth. They proved to be very wily and dangerous foes, and unfortunately knocked (JOHN) unconscious. Thankfully, Oris and (BEN) managed to take one monster down with saber and blaster, while Roon scared the second away with the Force. Unfortunately, Shar had his head bitten off by the beast, and would not be present to guide the padawans any more.

They continued on, mending their wounds, as the road led into a deep canyon. There they found a well, being sampled by a shy cerean environmental engineer. This fellow agreed to fix up the rover. Discussion was brief, but polite. As the party made to leave, a massive explosion destroyed the facility, triggering a massive flood of water from the underlying aquifer. In a desperate attempt to stem the flow, (BEN) and (JOHN) triggered a massive landslide, blocking the road and capping the well. The party yet lived to continue on in the blizzard.

The party finally arrived at the Karus Moz Geothermal Plant, ready for a chance to rest and repair the rover in the plant’s space-garage. However, they were greeted at blaster point by the security detail and accused of blowing up the well. Gedoa Bahar, head of security of plant and belligerent Khil, insisted that they come inside. Using charm and the Force, the Jedi managed to convince Bahar that they had not blown anything up, and that they would not be parting with their light sabers.

Once inside the station, the padawans investigated as best they could, despite a vigilance on the part of the security detail. They were able to locate a datapad belonging to the deceased hydrologist at the well site, but were unable to unlock it. Roon enlisted the help of Dave the IT guy, but cracking the password apparently would take a significant amount of time. During and interview with Gedoa, the PCs noticed several missing persons signs on his bulletin board. They also discovered that Wampas, are non-native to Ranlla Trevo.

In the mean time, the party when on a tour of the facilities under the guidance of an overly keen scientist. While on the tour, they were attacked by a sniper and a Vibroaxe wielding maniac. Beset by blaster fire, an apparently extremely painful axe, and the toxic atmosphere, the padawans fought for their lives. Barlo attempted to dispatch the sniper, (BEN) ran to look for another entrance to the plant, while Roon and Oris fought the axe man. Oris was knocked out in the fight before the fellow, apparently adept in the Force, fled into the plant.

Before fleeing, the maniac took something from the unconscious or dead body of the scientist. The party decided to hang back to recover, planning to pursue the fleeing attackers on their own terms.

Opening Crawl
In which Ben and Steve didn't have laptops

The story opens with the Padawans being sent on their first solo mission. Ranlla Trevo is a young colony which is currently undergoing terraforming and mineral exploitation.

Your master Laurien Strendya informs you that this will be one of your first trials on your road to knighthood.

The planet is extremely cold and prone to massive blizzards. All settlements exist in small domes located around the planet connected by rough roads and some rapid rail transit.

A space elevator has just been completed which is drasticly increased traffic to the planet. With the influx of new settlers and industry there has also been a marked increase in crime resulting in a series of accidents which are starting to look like sabotage.

The planet is largely run by corporate mining interests with the majority share going to Galactic Imperial Metals but there are several other players including Tecknical Mineral Exploitation and Riordian Tintita.

Galactic Imperial Metals has been the victim of all the accidents to date and believes them to be the work of one of the minor interest companies trying to cut in on their business.

Your master expects this to be a simple case of corrupt officials who will fold quickly under the intuition and keen investigative powers of a jedi.

You are to travel to Ranlla Trevo and rendezvous with the GIC head of security Sedura Tommo.


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