Big Trouble in Little Ranlla Trevo

Episode 2

In which the jedi get paranoid

Were debriefed by Bahar. Told that they would set a trap using the access codes.

Dave gave them a copy of the datapad and was worried that Bahar would be violent if he found out they had it.

A live hack attempt was made by a replica droid version of the axe maniac with a pet genetically altered massiff.

PCs won the fight but didn’t get any more information because the electronics fried.

Found out that the Massiff was genetically modified.

Dave became very concerned that Bahar would be violent and suggested preparatory action in case it came to an armed conflict. Gave the PCs a disk to reprogram the repair droids in the plant to fight on their side. Suggested disabling the heavy weapons, speaking to members of the guards, and programming the medical droid to come to their aid.

PCs told Bahar that Dave knew about the environmental report.

PCs disabled the rocket launcher and heavy gun but did not follow through on any of Dave’s other recommendations.

PCs took Dave out in a rover to try and find the radio signal. Followed it out into the waste and then back to the geothermal plant.

Fought with another replica of the axe maniac while disabling his attempts to blow up the plant by causing a malfunction.

Were confronted by Bahar and accused of sabotage. Bahar killed David after accusing him of being in cahoots with the PCs.



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