Healing and First Aid

Per Encounter:

Everyone can take one second wind (1/4 your HP or Constitution score, whichever is higher) as per pg 146 of the rule book.

Treat Injury:

All of the following checks require a medpac; the medpac isn’t expended if the check is unsuccessful.
DC10 check to allow an ally to take a healing surge (as per pg 185 of the 4e players handbook)
DC15 check to revive an ally from unconsciousness – allows them to take a healing surge
DC 20 check to revive an ally with same results but +1d4 improvement on condition track

Stim Packs – Are rare
An additional DC15 check can be conducted to allow an ally who has been revived to move d3 up the condition track.


To avoid death from excessive damage – expend a force point to fall unconscious instead

Being Unconscious:

Standard 10 round rule applies.

Between Encounters:

Everyone has 6 surges + Constitution modifier per day.

PCs can take two healing surges (think of it as an extended second wind) and may receive medical attention again ONCE (think of it as adjusting the bandages from battle).

Healing and First Aid

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